Subtropical Storm One was the first storm of the 1997 Atlantic hurricane season. Operationally, it was treated as a frontal low, although post-season analysis confirmed that it was a separate system, thus it was classified as an unnamed subtropical storm in post-season analysis.

The storm caused no damage, and no reported casualties.

Subtropical Storm One off the U.S. East Coast
Formation May 31, 1997
Dissipation June 2, 1997
Highest winds 50 mph
Lowest pressure 1003 mbar
Deaths None reported
Damages None
Areas affected None

Meteorological History

A weak low-level circulation developed a cluster of thunderstorms over the Florida Straits on May 29. The system drifted northeastward for the next two days with little development. Late on May 31, the system accelerated to the north-northeast. Shortly afterward, surface reports indicated a low-pressure area with a well-defined closed surface circulation, though 20-25 knot winds were felt east of the center of the low. A shortwave trough approaching from the southwest enhanced convection in the system near the center of circulation. Operationally, it was thought that this system was a frontal low, although post-season analysis confirmed that Subtropical Depression One formed at 0600 UTC on June 1. After forming, the depression moved rapidly north-northeastward, strengthening into Subtropical Storm One at 1200 UTC on June 1, reaching its peak intensity of 50 mph 6 hours later. Satellite imagery on June 1 showed a well-defined low-level circulation center accompanied by a band of relatively shallow cumulonimbus clouds wrapped around the south side of the center of circulation of the storm.

On June 2, the storm turned east-northeast, when it was located about 120 miles south of the New England coast. The storm became an extratropical cyclone at 1800 UTC on June 2, and merged with a cold front. By 0000 UTC on June 3, the remnant low dissipated.


Other than perhaps producing some high surf along the East Coast of the United States and possibly New England, this storm had no land impacts whatsoever.

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