Tropical Depression 19 was the nineteenth tropical depression of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, developing well west of the African coast in late September. The depression persisted until October 2, when it dissipated, due to strong vertical wind shear. No damage or deaths were reported because of the depression.

Tropical Depression 19 satellite image
Formation September 30, 2005
Dissipation October 2, 2005
Highest winds 35 mph
Lowest pressure 1006 mbar
Deaths None
Damages None
Areas affected None

Meteorological History

Tropical depression 19 developed from an area of low pressure in late September, likely from a tropical wave that exited the African coast in late September. The low became Tropical Depression Nineteen on September 30, while centered well west of both mainland Africa and the Cape Verde Islands. After forming, the depression reached its peak winds of 35 mph, and could not strengthen further into a tropical storm, since strong veritcal wind shear, unfavorable for development, blew the cloudtops off of the thunderstorms of the center of the depression, thus causing it to weaken, since tropical cyclones need convection to survive. The system succumbed to the shear, and dissipated on October 2, after moving northwest, slightly north, then northwest again from its initial formation position.